My team was asked to help the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) to try and identify a Abandoned Mine Lands (AMLs) on BIA, Tribal Trust, and Native Reservation Lands. These data are a curation of multiple datasets and sources showcasing mining features on tribal lands. These were compiled by clipping mining features (collected from several sources) to a tribal boundary layer. Some of the sources can be found online, including the Abandoned Mine Land Inventory System (AMLIS), the Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS), and a recent upload from the US Geological Survey showcasing mining features in the Western states.

What we found were some 11,068 mining features found on tribal lands of which 914 were mine shafts, and 713 were adits. Tailings were not well represented on the map, and only 1 showed up when clipped to the Tribal Lands layer.
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