The AbilityOne Commission creates job opportunities for people who are blind or have other significant disabilities in the manufacture and delivery of products and services to the Federal Government. Find out more here.

I had to really think about who the proper audience would be for this, and I landed on the people that would purchase the products that the AbilityOne Program distributes. In most government offices this person is an Administrative Program Manager. Knowing these individuals well, their mind is often aligned with a cost to quality ratio. The highest quality for the best price. If anyone knows that a stapler is not just a stapler, it is them. The "It's not just a stapler." campaign serves as a reminder to the purchasers, as a we see you, while also hinting at what they represent. 

In researching AbilityOne, I found a Brand Book, in it it states:

Please note that printed and electronic media must not use the name or logo in connection with products or services that are not on the Procurement List and must not imply AbilityOne endorsement of products or services that are not on the Procurement List.

I made sure to use actual products from the procurement list.
*This project has no official affiliation with the U.S. Government or any other entity. It is merely an experiment and exploration of skill and ideation. Love, Jacob
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