Every four to eight years, when a new administration transitions into office, thousands of government employees scramble to write new content that takes in the new perspective of the president, or senators, or congresspeople alike. We do this to protect our programs and inform our new leaders of why we are deserving of taxpayer dollars. With literally thousands of different offices campaigning for attention, it can be a little daunting, especially as the release of the budget nears.  Which is why we look for low cost ways to show who we are; i.e. website updates, maps, story maps, flyers, etc.
We also look for events, and in this case, who could argue with Earth Day? As for the message, we wanted to show that we work all across the country. We have our map that shows our 90+ sites, but the focus of the poster is on four key projects; Red Devil Mine in Alaska (BLM), Midway Atoll National Wildlife Refuge (FWS) near Hawaii, the Topock site in Arizona (DOI- managed, multi-bureau involvement), and the Krejci Dump site (NPS) near Cleveland, Ohio. 
All of these sites, when combined, tell a good story about what the Central Hazardous Materials Fund (CHF) provides for the nation. It shows that we are protectors of the environment, and the public's health and welfare. It shows that we effective and efficient with the funds we do get.
"For every dollar in appropriations, CHF has recovered or avoided $2.50 by holding responsible parties accountable."
It shows that we work with wildlife.
It shows that we work with communities and tribes. 
And it shows, that our funding actually does lead to results. 
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