Took a while to get here.
It all started with Tumblr. Circa 2010.
                                   Thinking Outside Since 1985 was my first tagline.                                     The box, outdoors, the womb (born in 86).
The initial site, was just a simple blog. I wrote about my life, no specific viewpoint, no specific subject. This was the year I finished my undergraduate degree.

Always loved the combination of black, white, and yellow. Circa 2012. Radvent was a writing exercise that Megan Hunt of Hello Holiday  started as writing prompts in the new year. 
As I began digging deeper into geography and cartography, I began to think more about design. Thus I created this logo type. I always loved how the line of the b and the d connected, and how j connected the first and last name through a subtle overlap. Circa 2013.
The subscript changed more times, than I'd like to admit. Circa 2014.
Still within Tumblr, I began exhausting it's capabilities. Circa 2015.
I finally made the jump into Adobe Portfolio. I also learned how to make my own websites around this time, but the usability of Adobe Portfolio worked perfectly. Circa 2016.
Still early in the development, but allows me to say everything I want and am talented at, on the front page. The mobile version is not ideal, but it's a work in progress. Circa 2017.
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