One of my goals for the year was to create an EP and release it through all the channels. Jay Geo, is my self title EP, and will be released through all the major channels (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, etc.). I really made it so that i prove that I could.. And really that anyone can. As I was finalizing the tracks, I decided to make a music video to go with each one. All videos/clips were from the public domain and/or royalty free. 
The music video for the track, "The Beginning," was made from chopping up a historical promotional video from Oregon. It plays with the themes of nature and man, and the way they interact in this day and age. Although historical, it feels relevant.
Space Force was sourced from several videos from NASA, both historical and relatively recent, where we follow the launch and trip to the moon.
I love intermissions, and I thought it would be fun to have one on a 4 track EP. The video is really just a big bokeh party. It honestly makes me really happy.
 一二三四 or Shuzi is drone overload. We all love a good smooth sail towards a sunset, but this video over does it. 
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