"Jacob is the kind of authentic person you feel lucky to know, because he is considerate enough to really listen and brave enough to relay what he has observed."
-Xavier Padin

"Jacob has a wildly creative mind, a kind, empathic demeanor, and a mid-western sobriety. The total package."
 -Aaron Merrill

"Jacob thoughtfully observes people and surroundings, and contributes kindness, art, and sincerity generously back to the world."
-Michael Alvino

"Jacob is a man with a plan. I don't know what that is exactly yet, but I think he does, and I'm really excited to find out."
-Melissa Gedney

"Jacob is the type of person you feel comfortable opening up to, because he is trustworthy."
- Jim Haverty

"I have no idea what Jacob will think up next but I'm going to follow him and find out"
-Kian McKellar
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