1. What makes your heartbeat the hardest?

    For me:

    -A landed joke

    -A good question (that spurs conversation)

    -Creating/Finishing/Sending out a video

    -Conversations with new people (where my questions and jokes have place)

    -Having a good idea (seems to come in form of question)

    -Exploring new/old places (neighborhoods)

    -Watching engaging film

    -Poppin (well)

    -The right music at the right time

    -Coffee in the morning (relaxed)

    -Playing piano

    -Reading something I’ve written (created) and liking it

    I usually consult this list anytime I make a life changing decision; a new job, a new city, etc. At some point I’ll be able to do them all daily. What does your list look like?

  2. Went to my first #Instameet (a meetup of fellow Instagram enthusiasts) this weekend in DC at the National Portrait Gallery and had a blast. As soon as I showed up, someone was introducing themselves to me, which is a good indication of a strong community. I’m excited to delve deeper with this extraordinary group of people in the future. Check out the upcoming meets here. Group Photo Cred: Jarrett Hendrix All other photos are my own.

  3. Dance Video featuring my friend Aaron Koziol, shot and edited by yours truly.


    Song by Typhoon- Mouth of the Cave


  5. Eleven Principles for Creating Great Community Places

    Click on Photo

    (Photo by Jacob Chadwick, of the Glen Echo Trolley Trail, on the outskirts of DC)

  6. American Made


  7. The Best Advice Comes From Imaginary Conversations


    (Journal Dive: February 27th 2014)

    Most of the advice I take in, comes from the imaginary conversations I have with real people. Today I had one with Seth Rogen. Yesterday he was in D.C. presenting in front of a Senate Hearing Committee on behalf of Alzheimers. It was a well-put and sincere personal story in front of a room of two senators (Iowa and Kansas) and a bunch of empty chairs. Anyways I saw the clip this morning and sent him a tweet.

    "Welcome to DC, my dude. Sorry about the empty seats, everyone here is "really busy." Glad to see the Midwestern states representing."

    As soon as I pressed send, the imagination began like a deleted scene from Walter Mitty. I reread and reread my tweet, until his imaginary response ended up in my head (the strongest “most believable” won out). His reply: “Thanks man, are you in DC now?,” followed by a follow. I replied with, “Yeah man, want to meetup? coffee/grub?” He DM’d me his phone #…. Fast forward to the conversation ( i love how you don’t have to deal with logistics or any other bullshit in the imaginary). 

    We ate at some low-key grub pub, he and his wife were there. We talked politics. I said something like, “yeah you were just one meeting from out of town, and their next meeting was someone that they have to deal with on a daily/weekly basis.” Followed by some small talk, then we started talking about me (this is my imagination after all), and my dream job as a screenwriter, “but I’m probably 10-20 years out on that..I’m good at the ideation, plots, story lines, and location specifics, but I’m not good at transferring all that into literature.” 

    I am woken out of this daydream by getting ready for work and talking to my wife, until I sit down for breakfast and the imagination resumes. 

    The conversation is mostly wrapped up there, though he says, “you mind if I tweet that I met you?,” to which I calmly and cool-ly replied, “eh it don’t matter, I’d like it more if I could call you/contact you down the road for advice.”

    Fast forward to me waiting for the bus to come, one last spurt of a daydream to boot. In effort for Seth (yeah we are on a first-name-basis) to encourage me to write, he said, “I’ll give you $10,000 if you give me one of your ideas/scripts.” Taken back, I gave him the log-line to a script called Scouts. The dream stopped there, and in retrospect (as I write this), I told him to give the money to Alzheimer’s research. Boom!

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  9. If you’re ever stuck in traffic

    If you’re ever stuck in traffic.
    I mean real traffic, like DC traffic.
    And you have a dream.
    Pretend that all those people that you are stuck in traffic with
    are trying for that same dream, because beyond the metaphor, the numbers probably aren’t too far off
    So as you are stuck in this train of red lights, think about how you are going to be unique within this crowd
    How are you going to make it to the front of that line.
    Then do it.